Specialization via Overloading


virtual Ogg::Logical::~Logical ()
 Removes this Logical from Transport.
virtual bool Ogg::Logical::selectCallback (Packet &firstPacket)
 Call back for logical stream selection based on first packet.
virtual void Ogg::Transport::sendCallback (Page &)
 Send call back.
virtual size_t Ogg::Transport::recvCallback (Page &)
 Receive call back.
virtual bool Ogg::Transport::laterThan (const Page &p1, const Page &p2)
 Transport page ordering function.

Detailed Description

These are either Ogg:: functions or virtual class methods. The Ogg:: functions relate either to sequence ordering among logical streams (termed media mapping in the Ogg specification) or conversion between granule position and some codec-specific time-like unit. Overriding these functions provide a first level of specialization without class derivation.

Function Documentation

virtual bool Ogg::Transport::laterThan ( const Page p1,
const Page p2 
) [virtual, inherited]

Transport page ordering function.

Default page ordering is by granule position, then headers first (all headers have granule position of 0?) then page no. then serial no.

The Pages should be for the same encapsulating Transport.

virtual size_t Ogg::Transport::recvCallback ( Page  )  [virtual, inherited]

Receive call back.

Override with actual receive logic.

Default: Reads from standard in. Terminates transport upon end of file.

Page::size() gives limit to size of data that can be received. Returns actual size received.

virtual bool Ogg::Logical::selectCallback ( Packet firstPacket  )  [inline, virtual, inherited]

Call back for logical stream selection based on first packet.

Default: returns true for selection of whatever is available

virtual void Ogg::Transport::sendCallback ( Page  )  [virtual, inherited]

Send call back.

Override with actual send logic.

Default: Dumps to standard out. Terminates transport upon removal of all Logical instances.

virtual Ogg::Logical::~Logical (  )  [virtual, inherited]

Removes this Logical from Transport.

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